Felt Chains 2012

Installation art has always intrigued me, because it transforms a space in to an entire environment to artistically experience. Felt Chains was a project I started in my 3D Fibers class and continued developing through my senior year as a part of my senior collection. This fine art installation was on display at the Fibers Senior Open Studio in 2012, and was purchased by SCAD to display at the SCAD Lacoste, France campus. 

Felting is a beautiful process to create a unique material by hand, that can be used in many different ways. I hand felted large pieces of felt using different colored roving in layers, and then cut the large sheets of layered felt in to tiny cubes, and strung them all together to create immense felt chains. 


I enjoy painting, felting and using recycled materials to create mixed media pieces. I used found doors as the canvas, and painted whimsical abstract designs on them, and also incorporated 3D elements of felting and crochet. This series was a part of my SCAD senior project in 2012.